V2.1 Release

To download this version, click here.

  • Correction UI.
  • Increase tips.

V2.0 Release

  • Redesigned UI.
  • Added Chapter split.
  • Other details improve.

V1.2.1 Release

  • Added shortcut key 'delete' or 'del' for 'Remove Files' button.
  • Fixed issues with progress display and export file name.
  • Fixed issues with User's Guide shortcuts.
  • Added Support RTF(Rich Text Format).

V1.2 Release

  • Added export directory clean-up.
  • Fixed issues with Page Break.
  • Added drag and drop file to list.
  • Improve the automatic alignment, to ensure that the content of the document is divided, will not be repeated.
  • Increase website links and contact.

V1.1 Release

  • Update Interface.
  • Fixed table split issues.
  • Improve the User's Guid.

V1.0 Release

The first release version of MS Word Pages Split.